Brand Personality

Establish key messages and consistent brand voices for your dental practice based on audience(patient) demographics.

Online Visibility

Optimize Website, improve search rankings, inclusion and visibility in local listings and aggregators, backlinks from strong websites.


Optimize social profiles to reflect the Brand personality, establish content themes and calendar, adapt offline activations to ‘online friendly’ campaigns.

Paid Campaigns

Search Ads on Google where “potential patients research”.  Display Image campaigns on relevant websites that “potential patients visit”. Social Media campaigns (FB, Instagram & (Network sites) in line with brand voice and messages.


Measure website performance to monitor and improve user behavior. Social media performance to determine engagement drivers Campaign performance to optimize and drive ROI.


Online Reputation Management to ensure timely feedback and addressing patient queries.

Email Marketing 

Outbound email campaigns to existing and prospective new patients.


Training the front office and marketing co-Ordinator on the basics of digital (Social Media, adapting offline campaigns to online), ORM and usage is specific tools.

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