Leadership Skills

Our dental practice management programs and systems develop teams to be more inspired and motivated by following the doctor’s vision and mission daily. Our systems display high integrity and honesty, solve problems and analyze issues whilst delivering the best possible patient care.


Our systems will allow a practice to maintain a 95% collection rate from its monthly practice production.

Productive Scheduling

Proper scheduling of patients and their treatment needs will create a more productive, pleasant and undisturbed workday.


We provide the necessary tools for your team to enhance better social relations and defined roles within the team. Our team training which is designed to improve efficiency, reduce stress and create an alignment that best fits the doctor’s vision.

Proper Scripting

Our dental practice management systems contain customized, detailed scripting content created for your individual practice for easy access and review.

New Patient Experience

Our management systems will teach teams to deliver a Red Carpet Experience to each individual patient and create a culture that facilitates the deliverance on a daily basis.

Case Acceptance and Treatment Plan

Knowing how to properly educate and place urgency with the necessary treatment needs is key to proper scheduling, maintaining an active client base from falling behind on their treatment needs and maintaining good oral health.


A dental practice is only as good as its hygiene department. Our proven systems are customized to create a healthy hygiene department that should produce 30-35% of the total revenue of the practice. Your hygiene department is the catalyst for long term patient retention and an integral part of the practice.


Client Base

Your client base is your practice’s most valuable resource and is more important to the continued growth of your business than any other element in your practice. Client Based management describes multiple activities focused on maintaining sustained growth and ideal health of an Active Client Base. ACB.

Calendar & Schedule

Time in your practice is your greatest resource.  Your practice schedule is what holds the key to amplifying economic improvement.


Practice success depends on the people on your team. Building a skilled, focused, motivated, loyal team with designed specific job roles and task lists for each individual team member that shares your vision and inspires them and setting goals to properly measure their performance and competency. Collaborating efforts create a synergy that enables them to contribute at their highest level.


A great physical space fosters pride and productivity for you and your team.  A facility that is aligned with you and your vision allows you to convey your values and mirrors an image of pride and commitment to clinical expertise.

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