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Increase practice production


The dental practice will acquire the tools specifically designed to build better relationships, place the necessary urgency, properly educate and become the best advocates for the practice to not only increase practice production but attract the proper clientele best fit for the practice.

Practice performance analysis

A practice analysis is one of the most important factors for building and creating your practice’s vision a reality.  A customized detailed assessment and examination of your practice’s possibilities, potential, weaknesses, and threats is the foundation of our practice analysis.  Our detailed customized analysis will determine where the practice is excelling and areas of great concern. It will determine the starting point for the practice management services and contributes greatly to the customized plan of action needed to make your vision a reality.

Improve team performance & effectiveness

Our systems help create a less stressful atmosphere for both the doctor and team. Both doctor and staff begin to enjoy what they do throughout the day. Employee retention is increased. Our systems are designed to unify and create a positive team atmosphere. We create a culture based on the doctor’s vision and mission for the practice.

Reduce stress

Our new customized and innovative systems will create a more enjoyable workplace. With proper management and leadership skills to motivate your team, increase efficiency and reduce stress, all while increasing production.

Increase patient referrals

The implementations created for our practices are customized for each individual practice and created to continuously increase consistent practice growth.

Office manager training 

As an office manager, one must have the skills and knowledge to optimally manage an office for efficiency, productivity, and with the necessary level of professionalism. Our dental practice management training programs will help you to manage an office with the understanding of the complexity of the operations of the industry your business supports. 

Adding Associates 

Adding an associate dentist to your dental practice is a big move. It’s important to understand upfront that any new associate requires a considerable investment of time and resources. We provide you with plans that work for both your practice and the associate.

Budget / Overhead

The first step to better efficiency in a dental practice is staying on a budget. Creating an organized budget can help a dental practice accomplish successful dental practice and provide care to the patient base. Our dental practice consulting services includes providing you with various budget plans.

Fee Analysis 

The single most important driver of profit is charging the right fee for the services delivered. Most dentists do not know how to use the information to thoroughly analyze and reset their fees. We are here to help you with fee balancing.

Team Incentives / Bonuses and rewards

An accountable strong team expects to see some reward for their excellent delivery. This can be personal responses to commendable deeds, with specific recognition of works well. We encourage a simple and solid bonus plan, where our reputation will become one of having the best teams and an office where people want to work. 

Customized office manual / Employee Handbook

For a thriving dental practice, with less HR drama and more personal time. Getting there takes a professionally-written employee handbook, with policies that prevent and solve problems, fit your practice, and keep you compliant with employment laws. We help you in developing your customized office manual which enhances your dental practice management.

Human Resource and Team Building

Managing the dental team is more than hiring the “right” person. It includes the hiring process, training, coaching, motivating, compensating, and more. Our dental practice consulting provides you with what you need to know in order to assemble and keep, a strong dental team operating in your practice.

Customized practice management

Our customized dental practice management programs are designed to not only create managers but business leaders and role models that best represent you and your individual.

Decrease cost and minimize overhead

Our systems are designed to decrease practice costs and reduce overhead. Our customized dental practice management plans and systems provide the necessary tools for staff members to productively manage and monitor all areas of the business.

Greater efficiency

Our systems will help create a clear streamlined system for a more productive and efficient environment for doctor, staff, and patients.

Increase doctor income

Our customize documented systems are designed to increase production, reduce cost and expenses that will result in increased efficiency and reduce stress.

Higher patient satisfaction

Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the practice from start to finish. Our system will create an overall outstanding experience for your dental practice and organization that patients seek. Our patient satisfaction training, implementations, and guidelines will create a culture for your practice that will make this a practice lifestyle and not just a service.


If you’re buying or selling a dental practice, it takes a tremendous amount of important documentation, information, and the considerations that lead to a successful practice transition. Our dental practice consulting will help you with successful and profitable dental practice transitions. 

Team building/job descriptions

Dental practice success doesn't happen by itself. You need a well-trained and highly motivated staff to take your practice to the next level of success. You owe it to your team members to state specifically, in writing, what your expectations are and how their performance will be measured. A well-crafted job description serves as a reference for all parties.

Detail Analysis of current practice status

Without an accurate practice assessment, dentists may find it extremely challenging to make necessary improvements. Our dental consulting services give you a detailed report of your dental practice which in turn helps you to upgrade your growth.

Insurance Filling / Medicaid

With all the requirements that must be met to receive Medicaid/insurance, and all the specific qualifications needed to qualify for dental care, it can be a tedious process to get your dental costs covered. Our services help you and your patients on insurance filling so that your dental practice functions smoothly

Overhead analysis

Overhead is a key factor in any business, and dental practices are no exception. With high levels of competition, low insurance reimbursements, and declining patient loyalty, overhead is a key part of your dental practice's financial picture. We can help you identify the largest overhead categories and the ones where you have the most control so that you can monitor them easily. 

PPO fee Negotiations

Success happens when you ask. It’s frustrating to put in the checks from the explanation of benefits and being able to close that gap of write-off to your real fees is half the battle. and b being able to close that gap of write-off to your real fees is half the battle. Our dental practice consulting services makes sure that you don't pay expensive costs to outsource the fee negotiations for your practice.

Period Program

Our management consulting program will create a customized, profitable period program, along with proper coding, verbiage and complete hands-on training to your team. 

Coaching calls/Follow up

Our unlimited phone support and coaching calls are specifically designed to provide the necessary support to you and your team on implementations, systems and training methods created for your practice.

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