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What is a Holistically Developed Work Environment and Why is it Important?

A holistic or well-rounded work environment is a workplace that encourages efficiency, productivity, and positivity. Keeping the workplace positive can have various beneficial effects such as improved coordination and teamwork, higher productivity and increased workforce retention. This may be done through various ways, such as the institution of positivity-enforcing ‘workplace traditions’ designed to boost morale mentioned in ‘dental practice management coaching’. For example, having regular meetings to discuss difficulties that may have cropped up during working hours, and how they were subsequently dealt with, can foster a complimentary and inclusive environment encouraging initiative and enterprise among employees.

It is also necessary to ensure the timely and well-organized provision of services to the patient from the moment the patient enters the office, to the moment he/she leaves. To this effect, sticking to timings, ensuring the patient is comfortable, avoiding long waiting hours etc. are of utmost importance and are key factors in assuring a steady patient retention rate according to dental management consultants. This may be achieved by ensuring a proper chain of communication within the workplace. Dental marketing solutions claim that a perfectly choreographed appointment without hitches may serve to retain patients, and build trust between the patients and the clinic. Most patients would have visited more than one dental clinic, and as such, will have a definite tendency to compare the quality of services provided. Punctuality and a comfortable patient atmosphere could go a long way in setting apart one dental clinic from another. This distinction can be brought as a result of a well executed strategy defined by dental practice consulting services. 

According to dental clinic coaching, creating a personalized patient experience may also assist the fostering of healthy and comfortable dentist-patient relationships as well as establishing a secure customer base. This may be done by encouraging employees to be empathetic and view things from a patient-oriented perspective - anticipating their needs, customizing each patient’s appointment to suit their needs, paying attention to detail, etc. Building polite conversation with patients - thanking them for choosing the clinic, clarifying any questions etc. - may also serve to acclimatise them to the clinic in question. Thus, a holistic and positive workplace culture, advised and strategized by dental practice managing companies like Complete Dental Consulting brings with it the double benefit of encouraging and retaining employees, as well as winning over and maintaining a steady patient pool.

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