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How to Increase Profit from your Dental Practice

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Having a dental practice can seem overwhelming, but increasing your dental practice’s profitability doesn’t have to be complicated. By adding simple adjustments to the way you run your practice, you can increase the efficiency of your practice and this leads to a boost in the no: of your patients. Thus, helps in getting your business to thrive.  From gradually socializing with your patients to forming solid relationships for a better business, here are a few ways to gain profit and reduce your working costs.

Interact with your patients more effectively 

Building a strong relationship with your patients will help you to attract a new circle of patients with strong recommendations. When a patient comes in, ask about other family members. Mention they’re due for treatment and see if they can get in touch with their family member to get on the schedule. Providing an incentive for existing patients for bringing in new patients is an efficient way to retain them.

Provide a comfortable office environment

The need to go to a dentist is something that everyone tries to avoid through prevention, so it is important that patients feel like they're being cared for in a pleasant office environment. The communication skills of the dental staff, the ambiance of the office by the colors of the wall and the music playing in the background, the sanitation and hygiene of the restroom, the resources in the waiting area such as drinking water and magazines, the comfy atmosphere in the dentist's procedure room are all factors which contribute towards building a welcoming culture at the office for the patients. This is a matter that only truly works when each employee feels that it is a safe and sound working environment. They give their best performance through work, so it is necessary that they are well-trained, trusted, and reliable.

Send direct emails for scheduling appointments

Patients often have a tendency to delay the process of scheduling appointments. By sending targeted emails to the patients about scheduling their next appointment in the available slots, they are motivated to get it done in time. An offer for a complimentary additional service will be a good incentive to obtain a timely response to the email. 

Keep your patients updated about all the services you provide

Adding more dental services will be advantageous, as it will expand your scope of expertise and woo in more patients. Constantly reminding patients of services they can benefit from the services offered in the best interests of their dental healthcare will expatiate their options. Both of these strategies are profitable without any additional expenses.

Customized template for the practice

Having a customized template for your practice is a very effective technique to implement, and it will definitely aid growth in profits along with ideal time management. Also, patients will be able to manage their schedules in a prompt manner in this system. It guarantees a systematic approach to achieving regular income goals without fail.

Association with other businesses in the local community

You can increase profits by forming mutually-beneficial strategic alliances with local communities that serve the same people you want to serve. By supporting them through favors or discounts, they are viable to direct a new circle of clients to the practice.

Quadrant Dentistry

In a patient-focused technique, try to manage special appointments to clients who prefer to have multiple dental services completed in a stretch. This will help to create a particular image of the uniqueness of the treatment plans you provide.

Maintain an operatory for walk-in and emergency situations

While appointments bring forth clients who are accustomed to the practice, opening up an operatory room only for walk-in patients, as well as emergency cases, will invite new patients to the practice. Waiting time is decreased, immediate patients are not turned away and profits are impulsively made.

Hikes in annual fee rates

As you move forward in experience, fame, and trust through every working year, it is significant to raise your service prices on an annual basis. A modest percentage increase in rates for different services and schemes will cause a huge difference in revenue while retaining the value of your dental practice.

These are some proven methods to increase profitability levels for your dental practice. With our professional guidance, years of experience in the marketing and management field, 

Complete Dental Consulting will provide you with customized systems specifically created for your individual practice which will create a foundation to not only meet but exceed your professional practice goals.

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