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4 Steps to Recover From the COVID-19 Crisis and Improve Your Practice

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth many difficulties to the running of the world, including job redundancy in different industries and halting of several services. Dental practices too with patients being fearful of receiving treatments at the dental practices.

If you own or manage a dental practice, then you are aware of the difficulties of keeping a business afloat in this new normal. However, you can rely on tactical and strategic marketing measures to stay afloat. These measures help in crafting more than just a survival strategy into a secure future. 

Here are 4 steps that you can take note of:

Develop an action plan

Brainstorm effectively with your staff members. Work out a plan of action to slowly begin operations with the necessary safety concerns. Keep in mind the constraints of implementing it as per latest regulation. Incorporate your business objectives into the plan and identify focused strategies like establishing a strong digital presence through social media to adjust to the situation. Share the recovery model with your staff, collect responses, and finalise on it. Business analytics tools are helpful to calculate your expected budget as well as income. Arrange your expenses so as to conduct stable business for the first phase of your plan. Based on targeted revenue, plot out the second phase but be ready to accept and introduce changes.

Streamline expenses

Do your research, and estimate your financial expenditure and recovery. Set goals and deadlines based on verified statistics. Prepare separate plans for each specific target, and combine them to form a system of operations that can help you evaluate your cash in-flow and out-flow. Accumulate your savings, in case of emergency situations. Cut out unnecessary costs and expenses for temporarily avoidable processes and streamline funds proportionately into needed areas.

Build a dynamic team

A well run business begins with a dynamic team who share the same vision as you. Tough times bring out the best and the worst in people, however, a team with good rapport is an important building block for any business. Reliability and adaptability are two pillars of strength that they should always display. While a perfect result may be far-fetched, dynamic coordination between staff like the administrative head, receptionist, nurses will keep things running without causing any hassles for both patients and practitioners. Regularly conduct team meetings to make sure that all of them work comfortably with each other.

Customer relationship strategies

Keep in mind the changing scenario worldwide. The pandemic is here to stay for a while. However, your patient schedules need to be met as best possible. Ensure patients are aware of the precautions being taken at your office for their safety to prevent any transmission of the virus. Be diligent in training all personnel to be read to detect infected/suspected cases. Conduct OP consultations wherever possible online. Connect with your existing patient base and manage their appointment slots, send them important health tips, free access to select webinars and even referral discounts. In addition, check out expert digital marketing strategies like content marketing and SEO optimization to attract a new patient circle to the practice. 

We hope this was helpful and find more solutions to tip the balance in your favour at

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