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We provide you with dental practice management coaching and marketing support which helps you succeed in your practice. We ensure quality coaching exclusively designed to make the patient’s well-being the preeminent concern when providing patient care and also ensure the course of action you decide upon is legally and ethically sound.

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Dalia Gurrion
Practice management consultant
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A certified consultant with over 20 years experience in the dental field both as a practice management consultant and a certified analyst working with doctors in the U.S. and Canada. Practice owners have relied on Dalia to lead them in creating their ideal practice by delivering sustainable business transformation, focusing on performance and organizational integrity to acquire optimal success.

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Sonica Singh
Digital Strategist
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Digital Strategist and ex-hospitality senior leader. Works with direct clients and agencies offering them creative strategies, developing digital blueprints and execution of the same. Her strengths are delivering maximum impact for clients based on the constraints and building marketing plans that drive awareness, engagement, and conversion.

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Sandeep Balaji
Digital Strategist
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Serial entrepreneur and executive with experience in Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Media, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics and Engineering. Blue-chip and business creation and building experience in SE Asia, Japan, Europe, and South Asia. Advisor and Investor with multiple years of experience in digital marketing and business development for start-ups and global companies.

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